Story of the Aleutian
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Team DiveAleutian

When you arrive, we’ll help you get your gear unloaded and get you settled in. Everyone will get together and assemble dive gear, which will include signing out any rental gear that you have arranged with us in advance. Once liability releases and certification forms have been completed, we’re ready to go diving!

We normally plan just one dive the first day, since everyone has traveled a long way to get here. Besides getting your feet wet in Alaska’s beautiful waters, this first dive is everyone’s chance to adjust their weighting, to get comfortable with any unfamiliar gear, and to fine-tune their equipment configurations.

Later, we’ll present show a short video of the ALEUTIAN and talk about conditions and plan for the next day’s dives. There are no guided tours of the ALEUTIAN, and each diver is entirely responsible for his or her own equipment configuration, dive plan and backup procedures. However, we will give you first-hand information about what to expect, how to navigate the wreck, and how to enjoy your diving adventure safely and responsibly.



The shipwreck of the S.S. Aleutian lies deep beneath Uyak Bay

Another exciting deep technical scuba dive on the S.S. Aleutian

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