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Steve Lloyd

Shipwreck explorer Steve Lloyd, co-founder of Dive AleutianSteve has a great interest in Alaska maritime history, with particular interest in researching and finding the many lost shipwrecks in Alaskan waters. In 1998 he located the wreck of the 749-ton steamship FARALLON near Iliamna Bay in Cook Inlet , Alaska . His research on that vessel led him to write and publish his first book, Farallon: Shipwreck and Survival on the Alaska Shore .

The story of the FARALLON and the incredible survival of her passengers and crew was filmed by the BBC in 2001, a production for which Steve served as the historical and location advisor. In early 2002, “Ray Mears' Extreme Survival: Alaska” aired on the BBC in Great Britain and on The Discovery Channel in the US .

In August 2002 Steve led a team that discovered the wreck of the Alaska Steamship Company's flagship passenger liner, the S.S. ALEUTIAN in Uyak Bay , Kodiak Island , Alaska . In July 2003 he located and dived the wreck of the Russian-American Company bark KAD'YAK which sunk in 80 feet of water off Spruce Island near Kodiak , Alaska , in 1860. The KAD'YAK is the only Russian-American Company vessel ever discovered, and to date is the oldest shipwreck found in Alaska waters. Future archaeological work at the site is expected to reveal much about this historically important vessel.

The waters off Alaska 's coastline hold hundreds of lost shipwrecks that span two centuries of commerce and exploration. Through Steve's work as an explorer, historian, writer and scuba diver it is his hope that he will be successful in finding and documenting some of these wrecks for the education and benefit of others.

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BBC film crew on location at Iliamna Bay, Cook Inlet, Alaska.

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