Story of the Aleutian
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Team DiveAleutian
Joshua Lewis

Captain Joshua C. Lewis is an entrepreneur and an Alaska commercial fisherman. With is wife and partner, Captain Victoria Becwar-Lewis, Josh has operated a fleet of vessels throughout southcentral and western Alaskan waters.

Josh and Vic have enjoyed careers as K-12 educators and professors for the University of Alaska statewide system. They share a deep interest in the history of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. For the past 27 years, they have worked in the arena of cross-cultural education throughout the state of Alaska. They have been principals in the creation of several international private partnership property syndications throughout Alaska, Europe, the Hawaiian Islands and the Rocky Mountain West.

In 2002, Joshua sponsored and accompanied a team that discovered the 1929 wreck of the Alaska Steamship Co. passenger liner ALEUTIAN in deep water off Kodiak Island, Alaska. In 2003, he was a member of the diving team that located the 1860 wreck of the Russian-American Co. trading ship KAD'YAK, the oldest shipwreck ever discovered in Alaska waters.

Josh is one of the videographers on an upcoming independent documentary co-produced by a Swedish documentary filmmaker and Shoreline Adventures, a company Josh and Vic co-founded with partner Steve Lloyd. Joshua and Victoria make their home in Kodiak, Alaska.