Story of the Aleutian
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Team DiveAleutian

Everybody is most comfortable diving all his or her own equipment—we’re used to it, it fits us, and it works together with our training and experience as an advanced life-support system. On the other hand, Uyak Bay and the ALEUTIAN are situated in a remote part of Alaska and accessible only by air or sea. It’s just not practical to pack all our own equipment—fins to tanks, lights to lead.

Most guests compromise and bring as much of their personal gear as possible, then arrange to rent the remaining items with our partner dive shop in Anchorage, Last Frontier Diving. Get in touch with us well in advance of your trip, and we’ll work with you to make sure you have all the right equipment for your adventure to explore the lost ALEUTIAN.

Please contact us for information about equipment transportation and rental.



The end of another long day of Alaska adventure

Technical divers use surface-supplied oxygen at deco

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