Story of the Aleutian
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Training & Certification

Every guest must possess a valid certification card from a recognized dive-training agency. Formal training at least to the level of Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) is recommended, but we recognize that real-world diving experience is more important than how many diving classes you have under your weight belt. For that reason, we require a minimum of 50 logged open-water dives (including at least 10 planned decompression dives).

Membership and insurance coverage under Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) to the Master or Preferred level is required. Please bring your current DAN insurance card with you.

All diving on Kodiak is dry suit only, and you need to be proficient in “diving dry” before you get here. If you are not dry suit certified, or if it has been more than a few months since your last dry suit dive, please obtain the necessary training or skills tune-up at home before you depart. Every diver will need to demonstrate dry suit proficiency and buoyancy control before their first dive on the ALEUTIAN.



The Aleutian shipwreck rests on the bottom 220 feet below

Expedition diver David Bressler prepares for an ALEUTIAN dive

Expedition diver Christina Young prepares for an ALEUTIAN dive

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